Tim Thurman is an Independent American Country Recording Artist and Songwriter in Nashville, Tennessee. He grew up in Northern California and served in the US Army. During his post 9/11 service Tim suffered a military career ending injury and was medically retired. Unsure with the news and what to do at such an early age, Tim returned to music but now full-time. He started writing and singing and taking his craft seriously as if it was his only chance to make his mark. Tim is also the grandson of a Buckaroo from the Buck Owens Band out of Bakersfield, Ca. His grandfather encouraged him to make the move to Nashville in 2016 and is what inspired the song he wrote titled, “Nashville.” Which Tim calls, “a true song.”  Tim released his Self-Titled EP in October 2018, "My Hometown" in November following the Camp Fire in California, and his latest single “Keep’r” in June 2019. Keep’r is a sexy, suggestive, boot-stomping song that captures the moment of finding the one you want to hang onto, a Keep’r

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  • Tim Thurman Pitch to publisher, Good Times, Taken by PARALLEL ENTERTAINMENT


  • Tim Thurman Pitch to publisher, Keep’r, Taken by BMG


  • Winner of Nashville Rising Song, Nashville, Tn.


Tim has opened for touring acts, has traveled and played venues across the West Coast and Midwest, as well as playing Nashville Festivals, the famous Bluebird Café, Broadway, and local singer-songwriter venues in Nashville, Tn.


Tim has played in Nashville, Tn at Crossroads, Legends Corner, The Stage, Second Fiddle, Baileys (Lucky Bastards), Tin Roof, and Buss Call at the Tin Roof.


Tim is currently recording his newest single, “What I’m Made Of” to be released October - November 2020


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PlayMPE Release Date: October - November 2020



PlayMPE Published May 31, 2019

Broadcast Music, Inc.

Production: Johnny Simmen Warner/Chappell Nashville, Tn. and Fat Cat Studio, Roseville, Ca.


TIM THURMAN – My Hometown (Campfire)

Published November 22, 2018

Broadcast Music, Inc.

Production: Johnny Simmen Warner/Chappell Nashville

Music Video Published December 15, 2018 CampFire Trial Lawyers



Published October 2, 2018

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Production: Fat Cat Studio, Roseville, Ca.



Published October 1, 2018

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Production: Fat Cat Studio, Roseville, Ca.


The story behind the songs -


What I’m Made Of - Is a song that all country music fans can relate to. Upbeat, fun, and energetic. The song is a blend of “Boot Scootin’ Boogie” meets “The Fireman.” written to praise the greats and legends that came before Tim. It describes traditions of country music that are part of our everyday lives that can shape, mold, and influence who you are and who you’ve become. “I’m a Cash lovin, walk the line, drinkin, burnin it down ring of fire,” That’s what I’m made of.


Keep’r - Keep’r is a fun, sexy, suggestive song about a girl who is a keeper, the girl that takes you by surprise, the one you take home to mama, but keep some of her features to yourself. She is the one you waited for and is unlike anyone you’ve met before. You never want to let her slip away. She is fierce, fun, exciting, and you are all in.

She is a party on a weekend but a front pew on a Sunday. She’s a keeper and I’m gonna keep her.


My Hometown - During the devastating Camp Fire in Northern California, Tim sat down with his guitar and poured his heart out into the lyrics of this song. Tim was personally getting phone calls from family and friends trapped by this fire as he is from the area. Tim’s Family lost a business, and multiple homes in the surrounding area due to the fire. More than 80 people lost their lives in this fire, but Tim saw something else and wanted to record it. Tim saw neighbors and strangers helping each other in time of need and saving each other’s life’s. People rushing into fire zones trying to help strangers to safety. Fire crews working non-stop to pull people from homes and wreckage. “Out of the ashes, Heroes are gonna rise up, you can burn us down to the ground, but we will survive, in my hometown.” Tim flew back to his hometown to visit shelters, shoot a music video, and helped raise over ten thousand dollars by performing benefit concerts.


Nashville - Is a true song that Tim wrote describing why he moved to Nashville to pursue music and why he writes the songs he writes. Tim sat down with his Mother and grandfather one morning in Bakersfield, Ca. to have breakfast and asked his grandfather (who is a Buckaroo from the Buck Owens Band) for advice to get into the music industry. Grandpa told him to move to Nashville and play as often as you can, put it all on the line, to learn and develop your skills all while learning to perform. Tim packed his household up and hit the road. “They’ve got bright lights and whiskey and Smokey bars, Broadway living off of tips out of jars, maybe one day they’ll stop and ask me, just why I came. Yeah that’s Nashville.”